YTMIS probes for microseismic monitoring of
underground operations and geosystems
YTMIS® probes are designed for temporary
or permanent installation in subsurface or
deep boreholes for quiet monitoring of anthropic or
Ready-to-use for boreholes
natural seismicity. They offer a unique mean to
measure high-quality seismic waveforms in order
Large dynamic range
to characterize ambient noise, fracturing processes
and fluid-rock interactions over a geological
Built-in amplifier
volume of interest, to measure vibrations and
ground motion, to detect critical acceleration and
Built-in 3D compass
migration of clustered seismicity, and thus to
enhance controlling and forecasting capabilities for
better anticipation of unexpected events.
YTMIS® probes may be directly connected
Field applications
to a SYTGEM® monitoring system for
optimal monitoring. Depending on the application
Mines and quarries
and field conditions, probes include:
* one or three geophones or accelerometers,
Geological storage
* built-in amplifiers with calibrated output signal,
* 3D orientation device.
Geothermal systems
ustomization of probes to specific site or
Oil & gas reservoirs
borehole conditions may be required.
Please ask for more information.
Dams and dykes
Landslides and rockfalls
SYTMIS probes for microseismic monitoring
of underground operations and geosystems
Main characteristics
Most sensors on the market
2 Hz, 4.5 Hz, 10 Hz, 14 Hz and 28 Hz
B&K4513: 500 mV.g-1, 1 - 10 000 Hz at ±1 dB
For other sensors from the market please ask
Optional built-in amplifier
26 dB ±1%
0.1 Hz - 10 kHz at -3 dB
max. offset / peak-to-peak noise:
±0.5 mV / ±0.2 mV
min. - max voltage / current:
±7.5 ±18 Vdc - quiescent current: ±5 mA
output signal / impedance:
±5.5 V / 1 , max. current
Built-in calibrated output signal :
dual square waves, durations: 10 ms and 100 ms, amplitude: ± 2.5 V
Note that amplifiers may be deported from the probe
Optional inclinometer
type / range:
MEM’s technology - biaxial / ±5°
resolution / non linearity:
±5.10-4° . / ±0.25%
Optional 3D compass
type / range / accuracy:
multi-accelerometer - magnetometer / ±180° / ±0.5°
digital, specific junction box, notebook and software needed
for measurement by operator
Standard cable
type / length:
2 to 12 twisted pairs following options, dual shielded
max. length, looped twisted pair on 1 k:
up to ~500 m (following cable spec.)
Standard housing specifications
Dimensions: type / diameter / length / mass: please ask for information
Temperatures: operating / storage:
-20°C to + 60°C / -20°C to +70°C
Standard casing / sealing: high-density molded PVC casing / 15 bars, max. depth 125 meters
metallic casing / 25 bars, self mechanical anchorage, max. depth 250 meters
For deeper conditions please ask
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