YTMIS software suite for seismic monitoring of
underground operations and geostructures
YTMIS is a suite of software to build the
best cost effective seismic monitoring
solution, whether in a stand-alone mode or in
multi-scale arrays and multi-users environment.
Routine processing
YTMIScop turns your PC windows-based
In-depth analysis
computer into a powerful flexible seismic
recording system. It offers numerous options,
including an advanced dual continuous and
Easily scalable solution
triggering acquisition mode with different
sampling frequencies and a LAN collecting
Multi-arrays management
scheme for multiple SYTGEM units.
YTMISview is used to visualize seismic
Field of applications
wavefoms, to check automatic processing
and to enhance data analysis on an interactive
Mines and quarries
Geological storage
YTMISauto is used to process in real-
time seismic files and includes many
parametrable routines ranging from file
association, instrumental correction,
3D ray
tracing in complex velocity models, location,
Geothermal systems
source parameters and active direct access to a
data base management system.
SYTMIS software suite for seismic monitoring of
underground operations and geostructures
YTMIS4D is used to analyze the space-time distribution of seismicity in a 3D geostructure, with
options to visualize superimposed modelled objects, ray tracing, density probability functions, and
time lapse seismic activity for enhanced expertise of seismic hazard.
3D perspective of a 300x300x300m mine layout and its local seismic network, showing ray tracing, source location and
density probability function related to a significant event.
YTalarm connects SYTMIS to ALERT® software to
automatically manage warning messages to on call duty
YTMIS is used extensively in INERIS operations,
through its research projects and operational services. It
offers a unique integration level with the e.cenaris web
infrastructure for remote administration of seismic systems as
well as premium management, quality control, data sharing
and reporting. SYTMIS suite is available as a component of a
complete monitoring solution including hardware and
3D perspective of an acoustic array en-
cased in an engineered concrete bulkhead
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to seal a deep tunnel.
ALERT® is a registered trademark of MICROMEDIA International.
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