tress measurements and stress monitoring
applied to geostructures
tresses are a prominent parameter
when assessing stability of geostructures
over their life cycle. In situ stress
measurements are then important to early
Pre-existing stress field
detect high stress zones and ground issues as
well as to set up numerical geomodels to
Stress gradients
enhance the prediction of stress fields and
potential failure mechanisms .
Quasi static stress changes
NERIS offers stress measurement
Dynamic stresses
solutions and services to investigate control
in situ quasi-static and dynamic stress fields
Cyclic Shear Ratio
exerting in the rocks or soils in order to
provide a deeper insight into risk assessment
NERIS has completed numerous stress
Field applications
measurement projects in a wide range of
situations, adapting methods and tools on
purpose according to the objectives and
Mines and quarries
operating conditions on site. INERIS identifies
and sizes the most adapted stress monitoring
solution in order to collect high quality data
and to optimize the analysis and expertise for
better decision making.
Stress measurements and stress monitoring
applied to geostructures
ur services are based on strain gaug-
* Design and calibration studies
es, total pressure cells, pore pressure
* Field installation and measurements
sensors, flat jack cells, clinometers, exten-
someters and any combination of these sen-
* Overcoring with CSIRO or USBM cells
* Real-time monitoring
NERIS develops the versatile SYTGEO®
hardware monitoring system and the
* Database management
SYTGEOstress® software for data analysis,
* Expertise of dataset and reporting
featuring rock anisotropy, statistical quality in-
dexes, automatic in-depth analysis, simula-
* Assistance for data interpretation
tions and multiple test inversions.
SYTMIS® , SYTGEO® et SYTGEM® are registered trademarks of INERIS. All specifications subject to change without notice.
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