e.CENARIS : Ineris's infrastructure dedicated to scientific observation and real-time monitoring of ground and underground risks

e.CENARIS For geotechnical and geological risks related to georesources and geostructures.

e.CENARIS permits to provide research organizations, local authorities, industries, engineering groups, and state agencies with cutting-edge seamless monitoring services to:


design and set-up new research projects or early warning systems,


improve and boost current projects with preexisting monitoring systems,


set up compliant monitoring systems to face emergency situations.

Recent Projects
  • Long-Range Laser Scan Campaign at Lake Most (Czech Republic)

    More details

  • Suivi du scénario de simulation de fuite d’hydrogène à Catenoy (Oise)

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  • Amélioration de la connaissance de l’aléa mouvement de terrain

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  • Surveillance multi-paramètres de l’ancienne exploitation de sel d’Urcuit (64)

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  • Induced seismicity in the former coal mine basin of Gardanne (Bouches-du-Rhône, France)

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Thu 17 Oct

17/10/19 - Technical day: Sub-caved rocky slope
To know everything about the characterization and evaluation of the hazard. Closing of registrations on October 1st, 2019.

Thu 26 Apr

26/04/19 - DEEPSURF seminar 'Sensors and field measurements'
The Institute participated in the first Technical Workshop of the DEEPSURF project launched in November 2018 in Nancy, France, on 4 April, as part of the I-SITE LUE program.

Fri 19 Apr

19/04/19 - Completion of the STAMS project (Long-term STABILITY Assessment and Monitoring of flooded shafts)
Coordinated by Ineris since July 2014, STAMS is a European Research Funding for Coal and Steel (RFCS) project, which has developed tools to evaluate the stability of abandoned wells.

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Ineris has ready-to-go monitoring equipment and systems for emergency situations. For more information about availability and conditions, please contact us at cenaris@ineris.fr