Stress monitoring in rock masses and engineering structures situated underground or on the surface

Principle and Techniques

Principle and Techniques

Ineris offers in situ measurement solutions to investigate, and if necessary to monitor in near-to-real time the static or dynamic stress fields exerting in your geostructure (rock-bedded structures, underground cavity, dam, etc) in order to provide a deeper insight in its stability conditions.

Ineris develops methods and specific tools on purpose for your site and according to the operating conditions of your engineered structure. Ineris identifies and sizes the most adapted stress monitoring solution in order to optimize the analysis and the interpretation of the measurement data.



Mines and quarries, engineering structures, deep storage areas, rock masses…



Analysis of feasibility, conception and sizing of the stress monitoring application considering two-dimension, three-dimension, static and dynamic models and using a predictive approach by means of hydro-mechanical numerical modeling,
Field monitoring campaigns,
Continuous monitoring for permanent networks,
Remote monitoring and data management,
Data monitoring and analysis, interpretation and results assessment,
Third-party consulting, assistance with project management.


A strong culture of in-situ experimentation,
Nearly 30 years of experience in in-situ stress measurements (overcoring, doorstopper, flat jack...),
Surveys in numerous geo-engineering structures (deep mines, underground structures, dams…
An experienced working team able to carry on monitoring and alert systems and ready to respond to the needs of stakeholders, State services, local authorities and structures managers. All these services are achieved within the framework of the CENARIS (CEntre NAtional de surveillance des RIsques du Sol et du Sous-sol).