Overview of e.cenaris cloud monitoring features

The features available in the e.cenaris cloud monitoring solution enable interactive real time visualization of data, reporting and enable to export data, results and graphic representations in different formats


A dedicated Infrastructure & Data Management System

  • Incoming geophysical and geotechnical data flow from monitoring systems on the field, in different format
  • Real-time data integration into a centralized, secured database server
  • Access to interactive, custom dashboard
  • Centralize metadata (reports, photos etc.) in an easy-to-organize workspace


Transform & Visualize your data

  • Numerous graphic capabilities to display time series, processed data and results through any combination of dynamic 2D/3D multi-axis plots, charts, along with statistics and regression analysis
  • Process and locate your microseismic events and related source parameters


Explore your data

  • Several interactive display options to select and zoom in/out any graph or XY windows
  • Edit and export raw and transformed data to build your own edition tasks easily


View seismic and microseismic Maps

  • Locate seismic and microseismic events
  • Interactively display data tips values (X,Y,Z, magnitude)
  • Display additional information (seismic station, boundaries of zones at risks etc.)


Visualize & Interpret high-resolution data in 3D

  • Display and explore LiDAR laser scans, mine plans, landscapes, cliffs, caves datasets
  • Examine in 3D your seismic data and other geological datasets to make interpretations


Receive Alert emails

  • Parameterize customized notification by email based on the working conditions of the monitoring systems on the field (change of acquisition settings, absence of data, maintenance intervention etc.)
  • Define advanced Alert emails related to data evolution, combining simple & complex variables thanks to logical operators (OR, AND)