Gardanne Actualité 2018

Feedback on a technical session held in Paris in the former coal mine basin of Gardanne (Bouches-du-Rhône, France)

A substantial synthesis research work was performed by Ineris in 2017 on post-mining seismicity recorded within the coal basin of Gardanne since the mining structures were flooded in 2008. Since 2018, research works, including a PhD thesis, have been launched to apprehend the seismic driving forces better and assess the seismic hazard locally.
  • This thesis is co-directed by the laboratory Georessources of the University of Lorraine and carried out in collaboration with the BRGM and the IPG Paris. It is based on a multidisciplinary approach with the objective to integrate the hydrogeological behavior of the flooded mining structures together with the local tectonic context.

    Acquired knowledge and results of this research work will be used by the scientific community and expert people responsible for the prevention of risks arising from the exploitation of underground resources and likely to generate instabilities and induced seismicity (mining exploitation, deep geothermal energy, CO2 geological confinement, waste storage…).

    Gardanne Actu 2018

    Post-mining seismicity recorded within the former coal basin of Gardanne between 2008 and 2014 (Matrullo et al. 2015)

    The circles represent the location of the seismic events, their colors are related to the magnitude;
    the blue line at the center of the basin corresponds to the waterfront limit in the mining structures;
    squares and triangles represent the seismological stations;
    the red zone represents the extension of the mine structure.