Multiparameter monitoring of the former salt mine of Urcuit (France, 64)

Ineris assists the Saline Cérébos company on the technical and administrative procedural aspects for the cessation of the exploitation of Urcuit salt underground cavities. A deep analysis of the context and field investigations led to the implementation of monitoring methods, whose objectives are to minimize the environmental hazards linked to the closure of the site.
  • More precisely, Ineris is in charge of:

    the water monitoring (temperature and conductivity), in order to make sure that the former exploitation site does not contaminate the surface aquifers located just out of the site. This monitoring is also performed to control any possible accidental brine leak within the environment, in case of cavities’ collapse;
    the pressure monitoring of three hydraulically-connected cavities, in order to control the evolution of the risks areas where collapses might have consequences.

    The monitoring system also integrates an alert procedure, which enables, first to make the site evacuated in case of sudden and repeated pressure variations (possible precursory indicators of collapse), and second to deploy solutions for the observation of any brine leak within the environment in case of collapse.
    The monitoring project as well as all the transferred instrumental data are managed from e.cenaris platform; this to follow and to control the evolution of the site in a remote way.

    Urcuit 1 Urcuit 2