REGIC: Instrumented geosynthetic reinforcement over existing cavities

Road and urban developments sometimes face a risk of localized collapse due to the presence of karsts, old mines or marl quarries. The reinforcement of surface terrain by geosynthetics, is a solution to reduce the risk and allow these developments.
  • The objective of the REGIC project supported by the ADEME is to propose solutions for the design, manufacture and validation of "smart" geosynthetics integrating sensors for the monitoring of reinforced and remodeled terrains, in particular in terms of displacement, deformation and settlement.

    This project particularly focuses on the application to thin road or urban structures supporting traffic loads if any, and located in line with known or potential cavities at shallow depths (about 1 m). In the case of existing cavities, the fragility of the cover poses the problem of compacting the overlying layers.

    This project includes the realization in 2017 of an experiment in full size, on an old cavity (catiche) with the support of the city of Lille and the CEREMA. The implementation of the geosynthetic layer was carried out in a coherent and shallow soil. Various instrumentation and monitoring systems have also been installed to monitor the behavior of the catiche head, the surface soil and the geosynthetic. The results obtained will make it possible to improve the method of reinforcement dimensioning by a layer of geosynthetic.

    Our partners : ADEME, Lille (France), CEREMA, TEXINOV, 3SR.