EPOS project: Creation of a European e.infrastructure dedicated to anthropogenic hazards

Ineris is a partner of the EPOS H2020 project, whose objective is to create an integrated, multidisciplinary and open European research infrastructure dedicated to earth sciences.
  • Ineris is actively contributing to the theme of "anthropogenic hazards" in WP14, which aims to facilitate and stimulate research and synergies in fields related to the exploration and exploitation of geo-resources, as well as management of geo-risks.

    In this framework, Ineris participates on the development of the TCS-AH platform ( and is mainly involved in:

    the coordination of the working group responsible for evaluating and polishing the functioning of the e-platform, the quality of the information (data, services, documentation) and its valorization and dissemination through communication actions;
    the provision of two documented databases, also known as "episodes", linked to the anthropogenic seismicity and resulting from partnership research projects. The first episode is emblematic of the mining and post-mining fields; the second concerns the study of saline gas storage cavities subjected to rapid exploitation cycles;
    the contribution to the development of a hazard and multiple risk assessment tool for exploring and exploiting geo-resources with focus on deep drilling operation, being one of Ineris’ principal expertise.

    The prototype of TCS-AH infrastructure is accessible online and will be shortly evaluated by the European Commission.

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