International Conference

Underground storage and geoenergies: solutions for energy transition?

Underground storage and geoenergies
Ineris participated in the international conference “Underground storage and geoenergies: solutions for energy transition?” which took place from June 12 to 16 at the Ecole Polytechnique. A tribute was paid to Pierre Bérest by several members of the scientific community of Rock Mechanics during the last day at the Ecole de Mines de Paris

Program :

   •  Cyrille BALLAND (SIT/AS2G) : "Acoustic monitoring of a thermo-mechanical test simulating withdrawal in a gas storage salt cavern",
An experiment was undertaken in an salt mine to assess the influence of high temperature changes on the stability of salt cavities as a consequence of high frequency gas storage operation cycles. A salt rock block was exposed to repetitive rapid cooling cycles while its thermo-mechanical and acoustic re-sponse was recorded by a multi-parameter monitoring system. Data processing and analysis yield a pre-cise time lapse image of the damaging effects in the rock salt.
case study

   •  Hippolyte DJIZANNE (SIT/RNOS) : "Blowout in salt cavern used for Underground Hydrogen Storage" and "Mechanical stability of a salt cavern"